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Flamingo Chicks | 2016 Winner

Flamingo Chicks | 2016 Winner

Using dance to get disabled children active, and breaking down barriers.



The Flamingo Chicks is a unique club for disabled children to experience the magic of dance while also providing support for their parents and carers. It’s also a local community partnership that has revolutionised the lives of all those involved.

Since being formed in Bristol, the group has broken new ground - with over 300 active volunteers now helping over 1,500 children each year. Perhaps the biggest indication of its success is the fact that as many of 22% of the children now involved do not have a disability themselves – highlighting overwhelmingly the club’s ability to break down barriers.

Flamingo Chicks have now moved from simply being an organisation to becoming a movement including its “Agents of Change” - 12 children voted by their peers to challenge and champion a new vision of a truly inclusive society.

In July of this year, they were invited to the UN in New York to make a speech about human rights for disabled children - an honour that illustrates just how far reaching and wide-ranging this West Country-based programme has become.


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